• Pellet Mill

    Our KAHL pellet mills facilitate storage and transport of your bulk products and product mixtures.

  • Extruder for feed

    As a manufacturer of extruders for the production of animal feed, in particular dog food, cat food and fish feed, as well as food, we give the extruder market a boost. The highest level of engineering and professional further development of our existing extruder make operation even easier than before.

  • Rotospray

    The KAHL Rotospray enables you to refine your end products using liquid additives: Add more ingredients to your product or refine its appearance.

  • Mixing Conditioner

    Our mixing conditioner "MK" enables you to condition feed mixtures or individual products with the addition of steam, water and liquids.

  • Proportioning Screw & Conveying Screw

    A simple design and low maintenance requirements - this is what distinguishes our KAHL proportioning and conveying screw and ensures a high level of operational reliability.

  • Continuous Cellular Wheel Weighers

    Our continuous cellular wheel weighers are designed for measuring and recording mealy, powdery, fibrous and structured products.

  • Belt Driers & Belt Coolers

    More than 1000 KAHL belt units are in operation worldwide and work in different sectors. Before you decide on a belt drier, you have the opportunity to perform a belt drier simulation for your project in our pilot plant.

  • Hydrothermal Reactors

    Our hydrothermal reactors from KAHL offer gentle and uniform product treatment due to separately adjustable temperature, moisture, retention time, mechanical treatment and pressure.

  • EAPR

    Automation is in the focus of KAHL systems. We have developed the EAPR and DISTAMAT for the automatic control of our KAHL flat die pellet mill.


    Automatic distance control by DISTAMAT.

  • ESEP

    Our ESEP is an automation concept that makes optimum use of the potential of the annular gap expander and far exceeds simple machine control.