• Bran & husk

    When processing wheat, spelt or other types of grain, various product components are produced, e.g. in a typical flour mill mainly wheat flour, which is used for the production of bakery products. However, bran, i.e. the husk of the wheat grain, which has a higher or lower starch content, is also produced as a by-product.

  • Oil Press Cake Pellets

    A special field of application for KAHL presses are oil mills processing various oil seeds into food. The pressed oilseeds can be directly transformed into pellets with the KAHL flat die pellet mill.

  • Sugar Beet Pulp

    A special field of application for KAHL presses are sugar plants processing sugar beet pulp. The voluminous sugar beet pulp can be directly processed into pellets with the KAHL flat die pellet mill.

  • Municipal waste & industrial waste

    KAHL machines and plants for pelleting waste are used for compacting by-products from mechanical/biological waste treatment plants and in mechanical treatment plants themselves.

  • Green Forage

    A special field of application for KAHL presses are drying plants for green forage. The voluminous, chopped dried forage can be processed directly into pellets or grass cobs, which offer great advantages especially in animal nutrition.

  • Waste Tyre Recycling Plants

    Exploit the potential of waste tyres! With our waste tyre recycling plants, we enable you to separate your tyres almost 100% into their main components textile, rubber granulates and steel.

  • Compound Feed Plants

    From weighing to proportioning, mixing, conditioning, expanding and extruding - AMANDUS KAHL not only supplies you with all the machines for an industrial compound feed plant, but also takes over the planning, logistics and necessary construction measures for a turnkey handover.

  • Pet Food Plants

    The extruder is essential for the production of pet food. The KAHL extruder OEE 25 NG produces different types of pet food of the highest quality.

  • Fish Feed Plants

    The use of our extruder OEE 25 NG for the production of fish and shrimp feed not only facilitates precise shaping and setting of the extrudate density, but also enables die changes within 10 minutes.

  • Sewage Sludge Pelleting Plants

    A compacted and dust-free end product can be further treated more cost-effectively - this is also the case with sewage sludge. Sewage sludge pellets are mainly used for thermal recovery.

  • Pelleting Plants for Chemical Products

    Bulk products are processed in many industries - mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Particularly during transport or storage, the mealy and dusty product can cause problems. Our plants for pelleting precisely these bulk products offer a solution.