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Trade Fair Dates

We have the solution you are looking for: KAHL Holding GmbH with its companies AMANDUS KAHL, F. H. SCHULE Mühlenbau, NEUHAUS NEOTEC, HEINEN Freezing and DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik participates in around 60 trade fairs each year. The trade visitors and prospective customers have the opportunity to get an overview of our machines and process technologies.

AK = Amandus Kahl | FHS = Schule | NN = Neuhaus Neotec | HF = Heinen Freezing | DX = Devex
Exposolidos KAHL Chemical, Particle 06.02.24 - 08.02.24 Barcelona ES E178
Victam Asia KAHL Food Processing, Food, Feed 12.03.24 - 14.03.24 Bangkok TH B001
Victam International KAHL Food Processing, Food, Feed 03.06.25 - 05.06.25 Utrecht NL 3015