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With the combination of competence, safety and highest quality, AMANDUS KAHL meets the demands of machine construction and process engineering. We are at your side right from the start when it comes to planning turnkey factories and plants. More than 140 years of experience have shown us that Made in Germany  is still very popular worldwide.

Manufacturer of Pellet Mills and Pelleting Plants

With our plants and machines, we meet the needs of various industries. The pellets produced by our pelleting presses make it easier for you to store and transport a wide variety of materials.

Compound feed Industry

The product range includes machines for the professional production of compound feed, shrimp feed, fish feed, pet food and roughage. In the category Compound feed plants you will find conditioners, pellet mills, expanders and many other machines.

Teaser photo Compound feed industry

Biomass Industry

Biomasses such as husks or wood shavings are often produced as by-products in processing plants. With the machines of AMANDUS KAHL, these raw materials can be processed into alternative fuels, for example.

By-products processing

Residues and by-products obtained from processing of different main products can either be disposed of uneconomically or processed further in an economical way. Seed coats, soybean residues, oil meals, press cakes and similar by-products, for example, are ideal ingredients when it comes to increasing the nutritional value of feedstuffs.

Recycling Industry

Modern waste management means to minimise or even better prevent the production of waste in the community. Therefore, AMANDUS KAHL offers possibilities for feedstock recycling and energy recovery of waste materials.

Food Industry

We encounter conditioned, pelleted, ground and granulated food more often than we perceive it. Whether it's breakfast pops, effervescent tablets or coffee powder – a comprehensive treatment is required to give them their shape and consistency. KAHL manufactures technologies for the production of cereals and snacks.

Chemical Industry &
Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the main businesses in the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries are the finest dusts and particles. The loose consistency and cracked surface of these substances make storage and transport considerably more difficult. The subsequent further processing is also a challenge. In order to minimize time, cost and effort, pelleting of these substances is the possible solution.

Fluidized bed technology

By means of the fluidized bed technology, product properties of powders or granules can be modified systematically and optimised according to the customers' specific demands. Liquid products can thus be converted into solid products. 

Current trade fairs

You can learn more about us and our machines at the various trade fairs worldwide. We are looking forward to your visit.

19. November 2024 - 21. November 2024
FI Europe
Frankfurt am Main (DE)
  • Food
23. October 2024 - 24. October 2024
Papers and Plastic Recycling Conference
Harbor, MD (US)
  • Recycling
01. October 2024 - 02. October 2024
Valladolid (ES)
  • Biomass