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News and announcements from AMANDUS KAHL

Trends, development, research - but also the latest news about our company: Keep up to date here and inform yourself about the latest developments of our company.


New Brochure on Pellet Mills for the Food Industry

In the food industry, exact dosing and constant bulk density are increasingly important. This is exactly what pellets make possible!


Mono-component treatment at its best

AMANDUS KAHL Provides Technical Solutions for the Treatment of Mono-components - a Story of Success.

Akahl Chemical

New Brochure on Pellet Mills for the Chemical Industry

The new brochure on pellet mills shows the importance of pelleting for different applications in the chemical industry.

Akahl Recycling

Showroom for the Recycling Industry

AMANDUS KAHL presents the second expansion of its showroom: After compound feed and biomass, the recycling world is introduced to you here.


New Brochure on Pellet Mills for By-Products

A new brochure on the use of KAHL pellet mills in the by-products industry shows the wide range of applications of flat die pellet mills.


Up to 50% more output: A new benchmark in green forage pelleting

With the new pellet mill 55-1500, AMANDUS KAHL has launched a flat die pellet mill in 2021 that has been designed to meet the special requirements of…


New Brochure on Pellet Mills for the Recycling Industry

AMANDUS KAHL supplies machines and plants for many fields of the recycling industry. The new brochure reveals which ones exactly!


Out now: "KAHL on Air!"

Finally, the time has come - AMANDUS KAHL launch their podcast "KAHL on Air" with five episodes!


Showroom for the Biomass Industry

The new KAHL showroom has been extended by another room on the topic of biomass. Click through and find out more about the specific machines!